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Please read the following “Terms of agreements” (the “Terms”) carefully before registering.

Main provisions

1. These Terms are in full compliance with International Law and the Records Management Rules.

2. Only capable individuals who have reached the 18th anniversary can register and invest in the online program presented by the finance company LEX Financial.

3. The registration procedure on the LEX Financial website is mandatory for every person who wants to become our client.

4. By registering in the online program provided by LEX Financial, you confirm your consent and acceptance of all the clauses set out in these Terms.


1. LEX Financial does not provide investment, tax or legal services. As well as insurance services. Any information posted on the LEX Financial website should not be perceived as a direct recommendation for any action.

2. Before initiating any financial and investment actions and participating in the online program presented by LEX Financial, carefully review these Terms.

The procedure for investing funds and calculating interest in the online program presented by LEX Financial

1. Each financial transaction related to an online program from LEX Financial is a private deal between two economic entities (the “Parties”), namely: LEX Financial on the one hand and the client on the other.

2. The client performs financial transactions, determines the amount of investment funds made, as well as any other financial transactions exclusively on his own and voluntarily, at his own discretion.
The client also agrees that it ultimately performs all financial transactions solely in his sole discretion.

3. The interest rate on the investments made by the client is calculated, accrued and credited to the balance of the client’s account in accordance with the investment proposal chosen by the client.

4. The interest rate depends on the investment amount.

5. All transactions are made only in the currency that is available for investment and that was used by the client in a particular financial transaction.

Order of the Partner program usage

1. SPAM technologies are prohibited to increase the number of referrals involved.

2. Multi-registrations aimed at increasing partner reward payments are prohibited.

Regular maintenance and prevention

1. LEX Financial reserves the right to temporarily discontinue the provision of services if it becomes necessary to install new or updated software, in cases of various modifications and other changes that improve the operation of the website, or make its functions better. In addition, LEX Financial may suspend the website in cases of force majeure. Including for reasons of the need to suppress hacker and DDoS attacks, as well as in cases of urgent installation of additional means of protecting the functionality or databases of the website.

Privacy policy

Personal data which were provided by each client are an important component of interaction between LEX Financial and each our client.

1. Any personal information provided by the client, is confidential. The LEX Financial company made everything depending on it that this information was reliably protected from undesirable access for the third parties whose competence doesn’t include possession of this information. Therefore LEX Financial under no circumstances doesn’t transfer the provided personal data to the third parties.

2. Any deal between LEX Financial and the client is confidential and isn’t subject to disclosure is termless. LEX Financial guarantees full confidentiality of all financial transactions and other business arrangements of the Parties without exception. The termination of cooperation isn’t a reason for disclosure of details of any transaction including.

3. In the course of interaction between LEX Financial and the client there can be a need of obtaining some additional information on the client. Collecting, processing and storage of this sort of information also completely falls under Privacy policy of LEX Financial and such information can’t be used in any way differently, except as for, provided by these Conditions and Privacy policy. Collecting of this sort information can be carried out by LEX Financial only with use of public and public sources and also on demand directly to the client.

4. All list of ways and methods of protection of personal data of the client is a trade and technological secret of LEX Financial and they can’t be requested by the third parties under no circumstances. Also these ways of storage and information security can’t be divulged to clients for full and absolutely reliable control of process.

Risk statement

1. Use by the client of the program from LEX Financial for receiving profit online isn’t risky business, but only under certain circumstances. Only in case the experts having sufficient experience, skills, technologies and material resources are engaged in it.

2. Any information having character of the forecast or opinion which the client can read on the website LEX Financial is only one of alternative opinions and can’t be interpreted by the client as an axiom or as a direct guide to action.

Modification of Terms

1. LEX Financial reserves the right to make changes and additions to these Terms without receiving consent to it the client.

2. LEX Financial undertakes to inform clients of changes of this sort and additions in the form of news which will be published in appropriate section of the website of LEX Financial and also by means of newsletters on the e-mail addresses of clients which were used by them at registration of the account in LEX Financial.

3. All changes and additions come into force from the moment of publication of this information on the LEX Financial website. In case if any change or addition has to come into force directly from any concrete date, this circumstance will be stipulated in this publication separately.

Order of services usage

1. Each client without restrictions can request any, concerning online working of the program presented by the LEX Financial company and also concerning interaction of the Parties, additional information from support. Use for this purpose any method presented on the company website. By registering on the platform, you consent to receive email newsletters related to system updates or other changes related to the work of LEX Financial.


1. LEX Financial understands all gravity of consequences which can follow owing to DDoS of the attack on the website. Around the world cybercrimes of this sort cause the most notable loss to work of the websites, bringing sometimes irreversible negative consequences and an irreparable material loss. Working with the entrusted means of clients, LEX Financial can’t allow consequences of this sort with the own website. In order that it is reliable to protect personal data of each client, means which can be on balance of the account of the client and also for the purpose of maintaining full confidentiality and safety of use of databases, the LEX Financial company placed the website with use of technologies which provide one of the world’s best technologies of protection against DDoS of the attacks of any kind and scale.

2. Except the modern and productive system of protection against DDoS of the attacks, the website LEX Financial is equipped with the system of data transmission encryption which is the most perfect technology of enciphering of data today and prevents unauthorized interception of data which the Parties can exchange by the third parties.

Termination of cooperation between the Parties

1. Termination of cooperation occurs from the moment LEX Financial notifies the client of such termination of cooperation in writing to his email address specified by him when registering an account.


1. If any disputes arise between the Parties and there is no corresponding provision in these Terms that can resolve these disputes, the situation before the full effective end is resolved only through the negotiation process between the Parties without involving third parties.

2. The Parties agree and confirm that these Terms are accepted by the Parties voluntarily and are equivalent in terms of liability for the Parties.

3. The Parties shall comply with International Law under these Terms.